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About Citizen Charter

Citizen's Charter is a document of commitments made by a Government organization to the citizens/client groups in respect of the services/schemes being provided to them or to be provided to them. It represents the commitment of the Organisation towards standard, quality and time frame of service delivery, grievance redress mechanism, transparency and accountability. 

Service Details

# Item/Service Period
1 Temporary Drinking Water Tank Online Services
2 Food License 3 to 7 Working Days
3 Provisional Certificate For Trade Enlistment Online Services
4 Garbage Clearing Everyday
5 Drain Clearing As and when necessary
6 Night Soil Clearing, Cess pool, Septic Tank 7 Working Days
7 Street Light Periodical Checking is done. Service is given on Cc
8 Hand Tube well 4 Working Days
9 Grievance Online Services
10 Low Supply Of Drinking Water ASAP
11 Defect In House Connection 4 Working Days
12 Water Leakage Repair 4 Working Days
13 Fresh Water Line Connection 10 Working Days
14 Death Certificate Online Services
15 Birth Certificate Online Services
16 Transfer Permission 7 Working Days
17 Property Tax Online Services
18 Mutation Online Services
19 Building Plan (Residential & Commercial) Online Services

About Hospitals & Nursign Homes

Municipal hospital is a hospital under the control of a local government, as opposed to those run commercially, by some sort of charitable organisation, or by national or state governments.
In many countries the different sorts of organisations exist together. Sometimes the different types are in some way complementary. Municipal hospitals commonly offer services free or at low cost for the poorer members of their community. Local authorities in urban areas commonly built hospitals in the nineteenth century either to deal with the threat of smallpox or as shelters for the poor and homeless. Psychiatric hospitals were often established by local government.

Hospitals & Nursign Homes Details

# Name Address
1 Astha Nursing Home Memari , Burdwan
2 Sushrusha Nursing Home Tarkeswar Rd, Memari, Burdwan
3 Memari Rural Hospital Memari , Burdwan
4 Amiya Nursing Home Memari,Burdwan
5 Radharani Nursing Home Memari, Burdwan
6 Memari Matri Sadan Memari , Burdwan
7 Memari Maternity Home Schoolpara , Memari, Burdwan

About Schools

The most important function of municipal corporation in the field of education is to provide primary and secondary education.It has to establish primary schools and it too gives grant-in-aids to the NGO's for this purpose and keeps a check on it's working by the education officers. For all these services to be provided efficiently and effectively the municipality needs competent and skilled employees. 

School Details

# Name Address
1 Brahmanpara F.P School Ward-15,Memari Municipality
2 Dakshin Radhakantapur F.P School Ward-14,Memari Municipality
3 Ichapur F.P School Ward-15,Memari Municipality
4 Janata Hindi Jr. High School Ward-6,Memari Municipality
5 Khanro F.P School Ward-1,Memari Municipality
6 Memari F.P Boys School Ward-8,Memari Municipality
7 Memari F.P Girls School Ward-8,Memari Municipality
8 Memari Girls Junior High School Ward-4,Memari Municipality
9 Memari High Madrasah Memari Municipality
10 Memari Majherpara F.P School Ward-10,Memari Municipality
11 Memari R.S.B. Vidyalaya Ward-8,Memari Municipality
12 Memari V. M. Institution(Unit-2) Ward-1,Memari Municipality
13 Memari V. M. Institution(Unit-1) Ward-8,Memari Municipality
14 Nazrul Islam Smriti F.P School Ward-11,Memari Municipality
15 Sultanpur F.P School Ward-4,Memari Municipality
16 Talpata F.P School Ward-10,Memari Municipality
17 Kalsi F.P School Bagila ,Memari
18 Kabirpur F.P School Gope-Ganter,Memari
19 Kabi Sukanta Smriti F.P School Ward-1,Memari Municipality
20 Joanpur Surobala F.P School Ward-9, Memari Municipality

Office Location

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