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The need of getting permission of doing business in municipal areas in view of easing business, the firm or company has to procure a certificate of enlistment of trade under active consideration of the Municipality, it is mandatory to introduce the service of Issuance of Trade License (Certificate of Enlistment) including Renewal by the ULB. Now the system has been upgraded to online of getting the permission in the easiest way. 

The online system has the following features without the requirement of a physical visit to the Department:

  1. Submission of Application.
  2. Payment of Application Fee.
  3. Track status of Application.
  4. Download the Final Signed Certificate.
  5. Third-Party Verification.

Activities and Rules & Regulations

Procedure for Application

Step 1

For Issuance of Trade License (Permanent Certificate of Enlistment), the Applicant have to apply through ONLINE mode only  ( The applicant has to complete OTP Based Registration for applying online. Then After Registration Applicants can log in using their own Username and Password. The application form along with supporting documents should be submitted and after submission of Application Identification Number (AIN) will be generated.
After submission of the Application, the Applicant can track his/ her application status using AIN No. 

Step 2

The application will come to Inspector for necessary Checking. The concerned Inspector will verify the uploaded documents and if all documents are found in order the application will be forwarded to ULB for necessary action. Inspector can reject the Application or send back the application for necessary modifications of documents. 

Step 3

The application will come to ULB login for necessary checking. The Authorized Person in ULB will verify and accept the application for Payment if all the documents are found in order. ULB  can reject the Application or send back the application for necessary modifications of documents The application fees (As per Municipality/ Municipal Corporation Act) and Annual fees / Charges for providing different Municipal Charges will be added together and the total charges will be shown to Applicant’s Login for Payment.

Step 4

After successful payment, the Application will come to Approving Authority (EO/Authorized Person) Login for Final Approval and Digital Signature. After Final Approval and Digital Signature, the Certificate of Enlistment will be available on Applicant’s Login. Applicant Can Download the certificate from their own login and no physical touch with ULB is required.

In case the documents are found non- satisfactory / or any discrepancy arises, the application shall be returned to the applicant in the e- district portal mentioning the reasons.

Departmental Staff

# Name Designation Contact No. E-mail Id
1 Anup Kumar Nandy L.D.C 9064668803