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Social Schemes

About Own Fund Pension Scheme

Other than the Govt. scheme, Memari Municipality has also started issuing Monthly Pension from its own fund for economically backward classes, where each beneficiary gets Rs. 1000/ per month.
The Municipality has also given Rs. 10000/ at a time for the patient with Cancer & Thalassemia from its Own fund.

Pension Disbursed As On Date

# Ward Month Name Amount/Month/Person Total Amount Disbursed
1 Cancer & Thalassemia Patient 10000/ at a time from Own fund 0
2 Monthly Pension 1000/ from Own fund 215

About 'Amar Swapner Nir'(Nest of My Dream)

The project ‘Amar Swapner Nir’ is the brainchild of the Hon’ble Chairman Shri Swapan Kumar Bishoyee and it was decided to start this project in the first board meeting held on 8-04-2022 in the presence of all the municipal councilors with their unanimous consent of the third municipal board run by Trinamool Congress.  After the announcement of this project, the councilors and the citizens expressed joy and excitement about it, and the next day some first-class Bengali newspapers published articles about this project. This is how the ‘Amar Swapner Nir project started its journey.
Under this project, the municipality will build 10 houses in each ward for poor and helpless people in all 16 wards at a total cost of Rs. 3 crores 20 lakh from its own funds. The Hon’ble Chairman has started this project with the goal of building a roof over the heads of many poor people in the Memari Municipal area.
For this project, the beneficiary will be chosen by the councilors of their respective ward and all the documents and location information of that beneficiary will be verified by the committee headed by Chairman Shri Swapan Kumar Bishoyee. These 160 houses will be completed under the supervision of municipal engineers.
The initial work of this project has already been completed. The councilors have prepared a list of the beneficiaries of their ward and submitted it. The first phase of this project has been started in Ward No. 12, Ward No. 10, and Ward No. 1 of Memari Municipality.
In the presence of the Chairman and Municipal Engineers, foundation cutting of the houses was started and roof casting has also been completed on 13/07/2022. Soon the rest of the houses will be started to build.
The pictures of the houses are given below.

Project Details

# Ward Beneficiary View Photo