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The Municipality

The Municipality

About Municipality

Memari, the city of your pride, is now a small town beyond the village. It is heard that the name came from Mohammadpur, It is also said that mail from Satgechia village to Ajapur was carried by horse or donkey with a halt or rest for water in the middle. In Portuguese, the name of this Halt is ‘Marmor’, which has evolved into Memory later.  After the construction of the railway line and the construction of the railway station were completed, Memari came to be known as a complete village. Now the Howrah Burdwan main line has passed through the center of the city. The Irrigation Canal or Gangur River on the northern part of the railway line and the Navigation Canal on the southern part which is one of the drainage channels of the Memari region. These are maintained by Irrigation Department and DVC Department respectively. Memory town is located 26 km away from Burdwan city and 9 km to its south is the Durgapur Expressway which connects Memari town with the surrounding remote villages and towns. Most of the people in Memory City are traders and peaceful. With a good communication system, improved municipal services, school college bus stand, fire station, auditorium, shopping malls, parks, beautiful wide roads and luminous town Memari deserves to be elevated to a sub-division town.
Memari Municipality with the active cooperation of citizens for the last many years has grown up as a capable and robust institute for effective service delivery and better governance. During these years the shape and the socio-cultural atmosphere of the Municipality have changed to an unimaginable extent and gradually it too has imbibed the spirit of the contemporary civilization of the 21st century and got acquanted with the sphere of Modernization, Industrialisation, and Globalisation.


1. To ensure people's participation, ward committees in all wards have been formed and they are actively working in the execution of various schemes.

2.  We run a transparent administration in every sphere of activities.

3.  Our ULB prioritizes the developmental work in slum areas where the poorest stakeholders are concentrated.

4.  We try to uplift the economic standards of women of the economically backward sections.

5.  Computerized Tax Collection System & Financial Accounting System are running effectively and Mutation, Birth & Death registration, and Trade Enlistment are also Computerized as a part of E-Governance.

 6. We are also going to start some online services with our own enterprises such as Online Cess pool Booking, Online Auditorium Hall Booking, and Online Drinking Water Tank Booking.

7. To ensure standard services, the Citizens Charter has been framed with citizens feed back after conducting workshops in the wards.

8.  A grievance cell has been formed.

9.  We have a well-maintained Football stadium where Football practices and Football matches are organized regularly.

10. We have an 800-capacity A.C. Auditorium to promote cultural activities.

11. This ULB maintains 7 parks to provide a healthy environment to our citizens.

14. Mid-Day - Meal activities are going on in 21 schools.            

15. We have been able to provide Water Supply to about 80% of residents.

16. House-to-house garbage collection in each ward is being done for a long time.

17. We have already taken measures to stop illegal unauthorized constructions by way of phase-wise plan sanctions.

18. Sincere efforts are on to help the unemployed youth to earn a respectable livelihood. We have already formed 35 self-help groups engaging more than 300 youths so far.

19. We have an Electric Crematorium. 

20. We have an AC guest house for general guests.

21. We are going to launch the ‘Amar Swapner Nir' project to provide homes for homeless persons under our municipal area from our own fund.

22. We have already started the Pension welfare scheme for the needy retired people from our own fund.

23. Our city has been declared an ODF City by the central Govt. and we are now trying to achieve an ODF+ city.

Basic Staistics

  • Municipality ESTD: 26/6/1995
  • No. of Wards: 16
  • Ward Delimitation: NA
  • Status of the Municipality : D
  • The area bounded by:  Agricultural land, Damodar river is far 12 km
  • Geographical Location : 
  • Climate: The climate is tropical, like the rest of the Gangetic West Bengal. The hallmark is the Monsoon—early June to mid-September. The weather remains dry during the winter (mid-November to mid-February) and humid during summer.Temperature :41 °C in May(Max) and 10 °C in January(Min). Relative Humidity: Between 50% in March & 90% in July. Average Rainfall:1579mm
  • Demographics :  
  • Area: 8.84 sqm.
  • Population (2011 Census) : 41445
  • Language: Bengali, English, Hindi 
  • No. of Employees: Permanent - 18, Others - 241
  • Total Roads in Km.:
  • No of bridge/flyovers: 0
  • No of Water Reservoirs : 3
  • Length of Water distribution network: 107 KM
  • No. of treatment Plants : 0
  • No. of waterways/rivers/canals: 0
  • No. of ferry Ghats : 0
  • No. of Markets: 8
  • No. of Auditorium: 1
  • No. of Parks: 7
  • No. of Stadium:
  • No. of Swimming Pools : 0
  • No. of Sports Institutions / Academy: 1
  • No. Of Correctional Homes : 0
  • Quantity of Solid waste generated per day (MT): 20.53
  • Quantity of solid waste collected: 15.03
  • Quantity of segregated waste collected : 0
  • Disposal System of collected waste : 0
  • Length of drains (In KM): 152
  • Area covered with sewer system : 0
  • The total length of sewer lines : 0
  • No. of Sewerage Treatment Plants (MLD) : 0
  • Quantity of Sewage treated (MLD) : 0
  • No. of Public Toilets: 47
  • No. of Burning Ghats: 1
  • No. of electric crematorium : 0
  • No. of Burial Grounds : 3
  • No. of disposal ground for dead animals: 1
  • No. of Primary Health Centres: 4
  • No. of Nursing Home: 4
  • No. of Hospitals (including Govt. run state hospitals): 1
  • No. of Primary School: 16
  • No. of High School including Pvt. School: 5
  • No of Colleges: 1
  • No of Technical Colleges: 1
  • Important Religious Places :
  • No. of Historical / Heritage sites: Deul (6 KM from Memari). Amateur Temple
  • No. of Important Fair & Festivals held : 
  • No. of Tourist spots: Malancha Nature Park, Deul (6 KM from Memari). Amateur Temple
  • No. of Major Industries : 
  • No of self-help groups, total members, nature of economic activities: self-help groups-, total members-, nature of economic activities-Stitching, Food Processing, ornaments Making, Jute Product Making, Readymade Selling, Beauty Parlor/Therapy, 
  • Any other economic activity that is worth mentioning: Product making Through waste materials like plastic bags, and paper bags.
  • Report on traditional art, culture, and music:

Muncipality Map

Chairman Desk


I spent my childhood and youth in Memari,. I was born in a political family, grew up in the arena of politics, from the formation of the first Panchayat of Memari until today and my acquaintance as a representative of the municipality has all been with the love of the people of Memari. I am committed to every development and public service of Memari city and  I want to love and respect people till the end of my life.
After the political change of Memari municipality in 2010, my main vision was to build a fire brigade as per the long-standing demand of the people of Memari, which was inaugurated successfully, and proud to have achieved it. Then one after another municipal development such as the construction of a stadium, widening of roads with paver blocks, concreting of inner city roads, pitching of borough roads, concreting and covering of drains, regular sweeping of main roads of the city, improvement of the drainage system, lighting system in every street, install Higham's lighting system at every intersection of the city, Trident lighting system installation, road construction from Bamunpara intersection to the station and to hospital intersection, illumination around Chakdighi intersection, construction of Vivekananda statue at Chakdighi intersection, construction and installation of Netaji statue at the bus stand. Started cold drinking water system in every corner of the city and two in each ward, construction of a community centre and working centre in each ward, and construction of 42 community toilets and 6 public toilets. The use of toilets in every house has recognized Memari as an ODF city Rapid implementation of ODF Plus work, continuous program of solid waste management, taking proper measures for making plastic-free Memory, establishment, and implementation of 3 new urban health centers in the city, the launch of the master plan at a cost of 70 crores to solve the problem of drinking water, construction of houses for the poor is already undergoing. 621 houses in the IHSDP project, 132 houses in the SCHEME FOR URBAN HOUSING project, 9 houses in the GITANJALI project, and 484 houses in the HOUSE FOR ALL project have been completed. Besides these, the ‘Amar Swapner Nir’ project has been launched for people who are not in a position to pay a BENEFICIARY grant (Rs.25000/) in Memari city. In this project, the municipality is spending a total of Rs 3 crore 20 lakh on building 160 houses, Rs 2 lakh for each house from municipal own funds. 15 lakhs is planned to be given to councilors for each ward's development The municipality is helping in the development of temples, mosques, Edgars, and graveyards in every ward of Memari municipality. Pilgrimage places are being given priority for reconstruction and development. Memari municipality alone spends about Rs 30 lakh annually from its own funds to provide allowances to 249 poorer people along with government funds, which is a unique instance. All government services like Khadyasathi, Swasthyasathi, Laksheer Bhandar, Pension Scheme, Rupashree, Kanyashree, Jai Johar - every people-oriented project introduced by the State Govt. has been executed properly by the  Memari Municipality at the right time.
The municipality has introduced all internal services and technologies  - like ONLINE BUILDING PLAN, MUTATION, TRADE LICENSE, TAX COLLECTION, BSK, BIRTH & DEATH CERTIFICATE, NULM, FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING REPORT ETC. Memari Municipality is the first liner by using internal services and technologies to evaluate the performance of the municipalities in the state.
In the field of sports and culture, Memory Municipality deserves considerable credit.  Every year felicitation of meritorious students, cultural programs, Vivek Challenge Cup, primary coaching, women's football, and kabaddi competitions are organized by the municipality. Besides, every year Memory Festival, Memory Book Fair, and various government fairs and festivals are celebrated with great skill.  Memari Municipality Grows Without Bragging.
Your cooperation and blessings are solicited.

Swapan Kumar Bishayee
Memari Municipality

Vice Chairman Desk

Vice Chairman

Thanks to those citizens under Memari Municipality who has elected me as their representative and has given me an opportunity to serve them on behalf of Memari Municipality. We are all councilors and all the workers of the municipality are committed to providing the level best services to our citizens. We request to all the citizens to give their suggestions & opinions that how we can develop our services as per the growing modern technology.  Though we have a galaxy of technically sound workers of our municipality who are always trying to do the best for the citizen’s services. We believe in secularism and tolerance and we ensure that our citizens are not deprived of their rights. We care for our citizens and try our best to improve their livelihood and lifestyles for them by delivering the best services by improving infrastructure and other services as country standards. Our main constraint is limited resources but we are confident to cope with the problems and make ourselves capable to meet the aspirations & dreams of our citizens through modernization of our service delivery methods and introducing fresh and modern blood in each respect of our work. Finally, we wish all citizens to be safe and well. We also hope to have co-operation from all citizens for the betterment of the services provided by the Municipality.

Supriyo Samanta
Vice Chairman
Memari Municipality

Executive Officer

# Name Qualifications Contact No. Photo
1 Debraj Bandyopadhyay W.B.C.S 9433525111

Finance Officer

# Name Qualifications Contact No. Photo
1 Shambhu Nath Mishra WBA&AS 9674326874

Chairman in Council

# Name Portfolio Contact No. Photo
1 Sri Biplab Sanyal CIC 8090908909

Census Details

As on 2011
Ward No. Area Population
01 0.78 4428
02 0.67 2750
03 0.72 2589
04 0.27 2410
05 0.24 1843
06 0.18 1619
07 0.33 2943
08 0.26 2417
09 1.02 2127
10 1.14 3318
11 0.29 2543
12 0.30 2391
13 0.33 2444
14 0.50 2447
15 1.62 3056
16 1.18 2130


List of Chairmans

# Name Year
1 Sri Biswanath Bishayee(Notified) 1/4/1992 to 25/6/1995
2 Sri Biswanath Bishayee 26/6/1995 to 20/6/2000
3 Sri Biswanath Bishayee 21//2000 to 17/6/2010
4 Sri Biswanath Bishayee 26/6/1995 to 20/6/2000
5 Sri Swapan Bishayee 18/6/2010 to 21/5/2015
6 Sri Swapan Bishayee 22/5/2015 to 21/5/2020
7 Sri Swapan Bishayee (Administrator) 22/5/2020 to 15/8/2021
8 Sri Swapan Bishayee (Chairperson, BOA) 16/8/2021 to 10/2/2022
9 Sri Swapan Bishayee 16/3/2022

List of Vice Chairmans

# Name Year

List of Present Councillors

# Name Ward Contact No. Photo
1 Tapas Kumar Panja 1 No. 9932926749
2 Sekh Yusuf 2 No. 9609949499
3 Maansura Begum 3 No. 9153141098
4 Mithu Sarkar 4 No. 9434100266
5 Krishnapada Biswas 5 No. 9434705114
6 Chiranjib Ghosh 6 No. 8444951979
7 Ratna Das 7 No. 9332279797
8 Sonali Bag 8 No. 9732085719
9 Bapi Banerjee 9 No. 9333763354
10 Supriyo Samanta 10 No. 8768614100
11 Bilkis Begum 11 No. 8293008788
12 Swapan Kumar Bishayee 12 No. 9476136353
13 Padma Khetrapal 13 No. 9093945224
14 Ranjit Bag 14 No. 7001922945
15 Kashmira Begum 15 No. 7679342156
16 Sunil Mummu 16 No. 7872029081

Places of Interest

Sat Deule

Amadpur Temple

Malancha Nature Park

Ward Map

1 No. Ward Map

2 No. Ward Map

3 No. Ward Map

4 No. Ward Map

5 No. Ward Map

6 No. Ward Map

7 No. Ward Map

8 No. Ward Map

9 No. Ward Map

10 No. Ward Map

11 No. Ward Map

12 No. Ward Map

13 No. Ward Map

14 No. Ward Map

15 No. Ward Map

16 No. Ward Map